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"When I think, 'how would I write this email?' I think Zak Slayback. I send Zak's material to all of my employees."
Kylon Gienger
Business Owner, Host of the Successful Dropout Podcast

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Learn why your emails aren't getting replies.

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Learning how to send a successful email can take years of practice and trial-by-fire. Skip the process, skip the frustration, and learn directly from my best free material on how to become an email master.
I learned directly from email masters working in sales, business development, and fundraising and immediately applied what I learned. Sending great emails grew my network, my career success, and my bank account more than any other skill I’ve picked up. I teach these skills to my career coaching clients so that they have an unfair advantage in the job application and sales processes.
Now I’m compiling all of my best material so that you can get what you should have learned in school about sending an email that gets a reply from Very Busy People. Learn about the major mistakes that even seasoned sales professionals make and how to avoid them. Dig into the minds of Very Busy People to know how to craft an email that is compelling and concise. Get your own unfair advantage in reaching out.

-Zak Slayback

Creator of Email Academy &

"As a young professional, an issue I've faced is making meaningful connections with decision-makers. These people have busy lives and are bombarded by hundreds of thousands of followers on most social media sites, so getting their attention can be difficult. Within a week of putting Zak's advice to work, I had scheduled my first interview at my dream job. This first interview led to three more in the following weeks. Now, four weeks after first taking Zak's advice, I have a full-time salaried position doing work I love in an industry I am truly passionate about."
Cam Luther

Get The Resources that Get me Meetings with CEOs, Phone Calls with VIPs, and Saved Me Countless Hours.

Get Resources You Need to Email Anybody, For Free.